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March 30 2017

Tales of Mere Existence: How My Brain Feels Right Now via www.ingredientx.com
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This is Japan in a nutshell.  Forget all the crazy stuff with the weird tv programs and the cosplaying—that’s just the outer shell that gets attention because it’s unusual.  This, this is the beauty of the country.  I’ve had little grandmothers chase me down because I dropped my shinkansen tickets.  In amusement parks, the attendants do their upmost to get lost items (usually cardigans or kids’ shoes) back to the owners—before the owners even realize they’d lost said item(s). I’ve had complete strangers not only give my thorough directions but have offered to drive me to the place I needed to go.

It is so, so, so hard to go back to the States after you get the J-treatment. I mean, Japan has its downside (“What is this madness you call pizza???”), but the general attitudes of everyone—even the so-called hardcore yankees (two of whom who, on a blazing summer day, helped me find one of my schools when I was heinously lost in the labyrinth that is the neighborhood in which said school is located)—is the epitome of the mindset that I wish everyone would adopt. Because yelling at people gets you nowhere. And being able to empathize with people kinda helps make this country a really nice place to live in.

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“what’re your plans for tonight?” 


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A picture demonstrating how smoke is particulate matter suspended in air.

Coolest thing I’ve seen all day


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New Embroidered Clothes and Portraits by Lisa Smirnova

Moscow-based embroidery artist Lisa Smirnova (previously here and here) continues to stitch beautifully rich illustrations of people, capturing the subtle details of eyes, hair, and shadows, thread by thread. Smirnova brings an almost painterly quality to her embroideries that are each infused with bright splashes of color and occasional patchworks of materials. Collected here are a number of pieces from the last year or so, but you can find additional recent projects on Behance.

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Mallard family (Anas platyrhynchos)

(via nambon)

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Shashiki Yuri aka Jashiki Yuri aka Yuri Shashiki aka 謝敷ゆうり (Japanese, b. 1985, Saitama, Japan) - 1: Blindfold Demon, 2015  2: Spellbound, 2015  Etching, Ganpi Printing

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This is somehow more distressing to me than the original.

it’s too real

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