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July 01 2014

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June 17 2014

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Gender equality.
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June 05 2014

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May 25 2014

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May 20 2014

May 19 2014

April 30 2014

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Well, that is motivating.
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April 24 2014

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April 18 2014

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Rules are rules via @astefanowitsch
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looks a little different with male models
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April 15 2014

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March 31 2014

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March 28 2014

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magnetic girls talk / magnetic boys talk

March 25 2014

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March 08 2014

February 22 2014

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February 21 2014

  • Girls: *buy merchandise*
  • Boys: OMFG fake geek girls! You're just doing this to get attention!
  • Girls: *don't buy merchandise*
  • Execs: We don't want girls watching our shows, they don't buy the merch.
  • Girls: *turn out in massive numbers for comic book movie adaptations*
  • Execs: We don't need to make more female-lead movies, girls are already turning out for the white men.
  • Girls: *don't watch comic book movies*
  • Execs: Why would we make a female-lead superhero movie? No one will watch it! Girls don't even like this stuff!
  • mansplained marxist
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